Branded Tyres vs Budget Tyres

Branded Tyres vs Budget Tyres

People are always asking us about the difference between a branded tyre vs a budget tyre. With such a huge amount of choice on the market, the price is often the only thing people judge. What we all understand is that budget tyres are the cheapest and branded tyres cost more.  Choosing the cheapest may not be the most economic option. Spending a little extra can actually give you better value over the life of the tyre.

Tyre manufacturers invest a huge amount of money in producing tyres that meet safety and quality. Companies like Michelin and Pirelli tyres use more than 200 separate parts; with a brand to protect they will use materials that are fit for purpose and good overall performance. Budget manufactures in their nature will use cheaper and less material; they will often have fewer than 50 parts, since they are manufacturing to meet a manufacturing price, not to achieve performance.  Budget brands come and go and change names, unlike bigger brands where their name brings a level of trust.

The new EU tyre label gives you 3 indicators to help you decide on your purchase, but did you know that there are in fact many more tests that a tyre is required to do? The EU label gives you information on just 3:

  1. Fuel Economy
  2. Wet Grip / Stopping
  3. Noise Level

For further information on EU tyre labels click here

Consideration should be given to dry weather stopping distances; also, will the tyre stop as good once half of the tread has been worn. Budget tyres are manufactured with a view for only the 3 EU label tests and results reduce after the 1st few mm of use.

Our experience has also found that some budget brands arrive with less tread than branded tyres. If you buy 4 tyres with 7mm of new tread compared to a branded tyre with 8mm, you are losing half a tyre across the 4 tyres.

Whatever your budget, call Easy Tyre and we can get the best tyre for your pocket.   Maybe a couple of pounds spent now will save you in the long term. 

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