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What is AlloyGator?

A totally British product which solves a problem that I am sure we have all experienced. Have you ever had that awful feeling when you hear the sound of your precious wheels grating along the kerb? No matter how careful a driver you are, there are always potholes and others who force you into the roadside edge. Thanks to AlloyGator now there is a solution to that potential damage.

AlloyGator is such a simple idea, but then the best ones usually are, this product simply fits between your wheel and the tyre. If and when the inevitable happens, the product takes the impact and not your wheels.

A few Facts:

  • Suits 98% of wheel and tyre combinations.
  • Tyre can often be changed with the AlloyGator in place
  • Suitable for run flat tyres
  • Fully tested by the Motor Industry Research Association
  • Protects not only the allow wheel but often then tyre sidewall
  • Not only protect the wheel they look great to
  • Available in many colours to suit your taste and vehicle

How can we help you:

All our Easy Tyre Technicians have been trained and approved by AlloyGator. Not only do we come your home or work we also can supply the product direct to you.  If you have already purchased the product online we are happy to fit those for you at a time and venue convenient to you.

As our day job is supply and fitment of tyres we are best placed support your vehicle in future with tyres, puncture repairs and any re-address or replacement of damaged AlloyGators. 

Still have Questions?

No problem, simply give us a call on 0800 4710 4759 and we can answer any questions that you may have.

Please visit to see the full range of colours and interactive colour selector. Once you have chosen your colour, contact Easy Tyre and we will be happy to arrange a booking at a time covenant with you.

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