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A question that we are often asked is if it ever worth fitting part worn tyres to your car.  The short answer is a resounding “NO”, let me explain why.

The most important items on your vehicle will always be your tyres; the better your tyres are the better chance you have of stopping. We can all have those emergency situations from time to time where every inch counts and is the difference from a safe stop or an accident. 

Many suppliers of part worn tyres do not follow UK legislation when it comes to fitting part worn tyres. Did you know that every tyre sold must be stamped with “part worn”, this confirms that the tyre has been checked and safe for road use. I give up with the number of times I have attended roadside jobs where the tyre has failed due to the fact that it was a miss-sold part worn tyre. Bulges, tares, uneven ware and illegal repairs are common to be seen. When you purchase a part worn tyre there is always a risk that any one of those things could be present on the tyre that you buy.   When you purchase a brand new tyre from a reputable dealer these risks to not exist and you have the confidence that the tyre is fully guaranteed for defects.  

Many drivers buying part worn tyres do so in the belief that they offer better value for money when compared with new tyres. However, this isn't necessarily the truth and buyers should consider the cost per mm of useable tyre, rather than just the initial purchase price. New tyres are normally sold with around 8mm of tread depth, whereas part worn tyres may have as little of 2mm or 3mm of tread. With a legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in the UK, the cost per mm of useable tread of part worn tyres can be considerably more than that of a new tyre. Equally, part worn tyres will need to be replaced again much sooner than a new tyre meaning further expenditure will be required. Drivers should remember that not only is it dangerous and unsafe to drive on tyres with less than 1.6mm of tread but it is also against the law and can result in fines of up to £2,500 and 3 penalty points per tyre.

At Easy Tyre we do not believe in fitting part worn tyres, we feel that you and your families safety is paramount and we are unwilling to compromise on that fact.

If you are considering fitting part worn tyres, why not give Easy Tyre a call and see just how cheap our brand new guaranteed tyres are. 

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