Checking Your Tyres

Checking Your Tyres

We often forget to check our cars for safety and fluids on a regular basis. At Easy Tyre we recommend that you fully check your car at least once a month and or before any long journey and a quick visual check before each day. With regular inspections it will dramatically reduce your chances of a break down when you least need it.

How many times have you seen a car with a flat tyre, they happen more often then you may think. Before starting your vehicle take a few seconds to walk around checking that all four tyres are inflated and there is no damage to the car itself.

Easy Tyre recommends that you check the following at least once a month:


·         Make sure the pressures are correct for your vehicle. If unsure of the correct setting look in your vehicle handbook.

·         Check for damage around the outside of the tyre, look for cuts, lumps and bumps. If you spot something you are unsure of let your local professional garage take a look.

·         Check the tread, do not allow the tread to go below 1.6mm. Use the 20p check as a guide.

Engine Oils and fluids

·         Use your oil dipstick and check the levels are correct. Your vehicle handbook will direct you to the location and if low will also tell you which the correct oil is to use.

·         Check that you have wiper screen fluid.

·         Make sure your coolant is at the correct level, only top up when the engine is cold.

·         Make sure your brake fluid is at the correct level.

·         Make sure your power steering fluid is at the correct level.

Windscreen & Wipers

·         Visually check that there are no cracks or stone damage. Often small damage can be repaired by window specialist.

·          Wiper blades wear down overtime and will smear the windscreen. We recommend that you replace them once a year.


·         Check that all your lights are in working order these include:

·         Brake lights

·         Sidelights

·         Headlights / main beam & low

·         Indicator light

·         Fog lights

Of course, if you find yourself stuck out on the side of the road or at home with a tyre related breakdown, why not give Easy Tyre a call today.

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