Caravan and Trailer - Blow Out

Caravan and Trailer - Blow Out

Is it surprising how often caravan and trailer owners have personally experience tyre blowouts. In most cases this results in frustrating tyre changes on the side of the road, however, the results can be much more serious!

In the event of tyre failure, it is unlikely that the driver would be able to notice any change or feel to the caravan being towed. It is therefore not surprising that most owners report that they were completely unaware of any issue until it is too late.

A blowout in a single axle trailer almost invariably leads to loss of control, while a shredded tyre can act like a grass strimmer and can cut through the wheel arch and anything else that gets in the way.

Are tyre blowouts not unpredictable?

Most people think of a blowout as a sudden and unpredictable event, but in fact, there's almost always a chain of events leading up to it for some time before it happens. Generall, the tyre overheats before the sidewall collapses and this sequence gives vital clues that be detected in time to give warning well before that catastrophic failure.

Anatomy of a blowout

Advance warning

With a Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Monitoring System fitted you will give yourself the best possible chance of dealing with any tyre deflation. Simple to use, easy to fit, no wires and can be used with any towing vehicle.

Easy Tyre recommends this system, if you have any further queries please contact us for expert advice.

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